Summer’s end

Today I begin serving jury duty — something I haven’t done in New York City. I was called about 4 years ago but got sick and postponed. Since then I’ve been mailed lots of notices, but to my wrong address. They finally tracked me down (with a NON-COMPLIANCE letter) and now I sit for 2 long days in the juror pool.

Since I have some time, I thought I’d do a highlight of some things we did this summer.

1. The Museum of Modern Art. I always love looking through the MoMA’s permanent art + sculpture collection, as well as their design displays (ex. Target pharmacy bottle re-design). On special exhibit right now is the Dalí: Painting and Film and Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling. I found Dalí quite poor — low light and small work do not mix well with large crowds. I also didn’t care for Home Delivery, it was several impractical dwellings with one home actually used for rebuilding New Orleans. Who wants a house made entirely of plastic?! Sharon and I saw a much better pre-fab exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry over the 4th of July in Chicago. It was called Smart Home: Green + Wired and sponsored by Wired Magazine. It was a completely green-friendly house and made much more sense for 2008 than anything exhibited by the MoMA.

2. NYC Waterfalls. These waterfalls, created by artist Olafur Eliasson, are amazing. There has been mixed reviews of the outdoor installation, but I think it is very successful in bringing a sense of magic to the city. When viewed straight-on, the waterfalls appear from nothing — pouring out from the sky. I also applaud our mayor for taking risks on art in NY, it brings a much needed discussion to the forefront.

3. Summer BBQ! Nothing better than eating grilled meats outside during the hot NYC summer months. NY Magazine held an event outside Solar One, hosted by Top Chef’s giant CJ. The food was disappointing, the beer was bad, and overall left a bad taste in our mouths. Another review posted here on Gawker. Sharon and I decided some good BBQ was in order and proceeded that night to Blue Smoke, one of our favorite spots in the entire city. We shared a delicious pulled pork sandwich, with home-made white bread, and several of their sides: mac & cheese, hush puppies, and sweet potato fries with maple dipping sauce. Every time we go it’s amazing!

Other random things this summer include:

Hanging out with our friend Matt (when we could) and celebrating his hard-earned offer from Citi. We are excited to have him back, permanently, in the city next summer! Check out his fridge contents below.

Entourage has started it’s new season and I saw them filming outside of my office.

Sharon’s jewelry! As she makes more and more beautiful pieces, Sharon will be posting things for sale on her ETSY store — watch this space.

It’s back to waiting for me now. I hope SOMETHING happens soon, it’s really quiet! I may fall asleep!


5 thoughts on “Summer’s end

  1. And jury duty ended how??? I’ve always wondered what the quickest way was to get kicked out of the pool. Oh, and you know that Kansas City has the best BBQ in the world, right?

    Love you both bunches!

  2. Gotta say, agree with Woody. Smoke Joint rocks, and I’m a vegetarian. Then again, it’s my neighborhood, so I’m equally for Not Ray’s Pizza.

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