Lazy Sunday selling

Last Sunday was a pretty low-key one. While Sharon was still in Atlanta, I finished up selling a bunch of old electronics we no longer need. It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates in the closet when you aren’t paying attention! After doing some research online, I found some great websites for recycling things gathering dust.

  1. Gazelle – A great place to start. This website takes almost every old electronic item out there, from purchasing old hard drives to recycling dead cell phones. If they don’t have your item listed, they actually will quote you based on information you can e-mail in.
  2. Venjuvo – When I couldn’t find something on Gazelle, Venjuvo was a close second. They actually offered cash for several items that Gazelle wanted to recycle. It’s always good to get a second opinion!
  3. Amazon The seller account on Amazon is another great avenue to try. I listed an old CD player under the used section of the active item listing, and within 1 hour had a buyer! It must be the enormous amount of users on Amazon — I couldn’t believe the speed.

All transactions seemed very trustworthy and shipping was included. I will do another update when all the funds have been posted to my PayPal account.


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