Pickle Day!

Yesterday I met up with my good friend Rachel for brunch at Essex Restaurant.  The meal was OK.  I ordered Gravlax that came with a side of potato pancakes and a Kossar’s Bialy.  Rachel and I also split the mac and cheese which was ok as well.  All-in-all a decent typical brunch spot in the L.E.S.: big portions, three drinks included (which could amount to many more as the service staff is not shy with ‘free refills’) and Kossar’s Bialys.  

While in the L.E.S. during the day it is only natural that you wander towards Guss’s Pickles.  So, how excited was I to find out that Sunday was the annual Pickle Festival!  FREE PICKLES!!  After wandering through the crowds to see free samples of all things pickled, and later seeing the same crowds digging into the samples as if they were their only meal ever, we decided to skip them.  The hefty smell of pickles was in the air was enough…


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