I’m moving to Spain

At least I wish I was.  A bit late, but better than never-

The ridiculous prices of movies in NYC forces Joel and I to edit our choices.  However, we decided that the new Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, could be worth it.  Let’s just say that it was worth it when we left talking about how we’d be moving to (or at least visiting) Barcelona in the near future.

The movie is subtly neurotic (it is a Woody Allen movie) and the choice of actors was excellent.  Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are sexy, intriguing and comedic.  And although Scarlett Johansson isn’t my favorite actress, she’s perfect in her role as the carefree, not-believing-in-love artist.  I also liked the fact that much of the movie is narrated by Christopher Evan Welch.  He does well to provide an outside voice/ insight of the character’s thoughts.

The movie really does make you want to move to Spain. It’s not just me, but several people I know who saw the movie said the same of it.  The scenery is beautiful, the way that life is portrayed as so relaxing and enjoyable, the Spanish guitar….Ahhh, how I wish I was there now…

Aside from the movie being excellent, the soundtrack is right on point.  In fact, I went right home and bought it.  I very much so recommend spending the absurd amount of money it costs to see a movie here in NYC on Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The beautiful landscape and Javier Bardem should be seen on the big screen.


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