Peanuts and Cracker Jack

This weekend, the Yankees are playing their final 2 games in the historic Yankee stadium. We were lucky enough to be invited to 2 near-final games this week. The first game was against the Chicago White Sox, who were doing quite well this season:

The second game was against the Baltimore Orioles:

Sharon and I had never been to a baseball game before in NYC, and enjoyed the thrill of it all. There was a great sense of tradition mixed with the rabid fans and tasty snacks. I was able to enjoy some big pretzels with spicy brown mustard, Bazzini peanuts, and plenty of Bud Light. The cherry on top was the Yankees won both games!

After the first game against the White Sox, we were hungry so ventured to the area we knew would still be open late night by our apartment — Stone Street. We went for mexican food at Mad Dog & Beans which was excellent. After savory rice and beans, spicy mexican nachos with jalapeños, sizzling fajitas plus FREE mojitos, we were satisfied. 

Meanwhile at home this week, Sharon whipped up some tasty meals. First up was a creamy Indian-spiced halibut curry with basmati rice. This meal had a great complex spice to it plus intense heat. I definitely suggest plenty of cilantro and nan bread to accompany the curry. Next was a yellow squash soup — garlic-y and almost sweet. Very rich and hearty.


2 thoughts on “Peanuts and Cracker Jack

  1. Wow! There is a lot of stuff on this blog! Sharon, your meals all sound amazing. To think that Joel grew up eating only hot dogs and Kraft mac and cheese. Wish we were there – xxomom

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