Cut/Copy and Presets at Webster Hall

Sunday night was an awesome show at Webster Hall — 2 headliners in one show: Cut/Copy and The Presets. We are big fans of these Australian acts, and have seen Cut/Copy several times around the city. Watching them go from small venue to big Webster Hall has been really exciting!

First up was Brooklyn based Kordan:

They were a good fit for the sound of the night, a bit dance-y. Next up were The Presets, who I’ve never seen live before. I find their albums well produced, but didn’t get them into repeat listening. The duo absolutely commanded the stage, however. Totally into it, they rocked the crowd for a good hour:

Last up was Cut/Copy who got everyone into a frenetic dance party:

Sharon and I started to talk about how this was truly the new rave. While dance music may not be cool anymore, these bands offer great music and heavy beats. Truly a great show!


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