The Libertine, Financial District NYC

We visited the new Todd English restaurant in the Financial District this weekend — A take on traditional English bar food: The Libertine.

Instead of the typical basket of bread to start, we were served bread sticks with two dipping ‘sauces’ — a rosemary gelee and garlic butter — both were a tastier alternative to plain butter or olive oil. The bread sticks were also not ordinary, one was a softer pretzel bread-like stick while the other was a Parmesan laced stick with sesame seeds. I’m a sucker for pretzel bread, the meal was going so far, so good.

One of the many culinary quests I am on is the quest for perfect mac and cheese. I have come close (Blue Smoke’s tasty, creamy and cheesy version) but still, I press on. If mac and cheese is on the menu, there’s no doubt I will be getting it — and I did just that at The Libertine. Their version is topped with Ritz crackers which adds a great crunchy crust. The cheesy part, however, was not there. The cheese was almost bland and lacked that sharp cheesy taste a good mac and cheese should have.

For our entrees, Joel and I shared a Lamb Pot Pie as well as The Libertine Burger. I’m not sure how to go about this but I do believe that we have discovered THE BEST BURGER IN TOWN. Encased in a brioche bun, I could taste the char of the grill in every perfectly cooked bite of the burger. It was topped with horseradish, Grafton cheddar, a tomato slice and shredded (!) lettuce. Every single bite had just enough of every topping. Superb burger! Oh and, the spiced fries were pretty flavorful too.

As for the Lamb Pot Pie, when it finally cooled down enough to dig into, I was pleasantly surprised. The lamb was moist, tender and fragrant. The crust was buttery and light. The pot pie at The Libertine is a perfect example of traditional UK pub food.

And finally,  Joel and I shared the Sticky Date Pudding for desert. I am a huge fan of sticky toffee pudding and this was The Libertine’s take on the infamous British delicacy. Their version included a ginger ice cream as well as candied ginger topping the cake. A bit spicy for a desert, but nevertheless, good.

Aside from our bizarre hoovering server, we had a great experince at The Libertine and we are definately going back — if not just for the burger (my mouth is watering now at the thought of it!)


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