Birthday Surprises, or Eggy-in-the-Middle

I turned another year older today, edging closer to the 30 year mark. Sharon had a weekend full of surprises planned for me starting with something special (and a complete mystery to me) on Saturday.

The New Yorker Festival

A political talk from The New Yorker Festival! The five featured panelists were Samantha Bee (The Daily Show), Andy Borowitz (The Borowitz Report), James Downey (Saturday Night Live), Todd Hansen (The Onion) and Allison Silverman (The Colbert Report). It was 90 hilarious minutes talking about current political topics, plus a bit of the behind-the-scenes. Andy Borowitz was the highlight for me, really funny guy.

Next was dinner at the Stanton Social. We each ordered 3 small bites, all fantastic: Red snapper tacos, Grilled cheese sliders (Saffron!) with a side of Gus’ pickles, Wasabe-pea encrusted Salmon,

Stanton Social mac and cheese

Mac and cheese (Chorizo!), and Hangar steak w/Tots.

Stanton Social hangar steak and tots

The beef was cooked perfectly and each bite combined crispy potatoes with savory steak topped with salty blue cheese. So good!

This morning I was cooked a healthy breakfast of bacon and unique egg sandwich — Eggy-in-the-middle! A fried egg in the middle of a piece of bread, it’s a perfect birthday treat:


And what birthday could be complete without a cake? Sharon baked me a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Moist and delicious, I needed a lot of milk to help wash down the chocolate overdose.

Sharon's chocolate cake

All-in-all an outstanding weekend for an old man — Thank you my love!

Eggy-in-the-middle 2


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