Sex and the City — The Movie

Where do I start?

When the HBO series ended and big screen rumors started, I, like most women in NY, eagerly awaited the arrival of this movie — not to mention the fact that they filmed the opening scene in front of my windows at Tiffany & Co. I managed to miss it while in the theatre so I moved it to the top of my Netflix list in the hopes that I’d find the time to watch it at home. Let me tell you, I’m happy I took the night off and left A LOT of time for this movie as it felt like it lasted for 5 hours. There were SO MANY times when I thought (and hoped) that the movie was finally going to be over, but again, I was fooled and I sat for another hour.

You may think that I like torturing myself (and Joel for that matter, I made him watch it with me) but I just wanted to see if it really would ever end. Joel described it best by saying it was like a condensed, watered-down version of the whole series. To make matters worse, and as if one movie wasn’t enough, there’s talk of a sequel. A sequel?!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved the show when it was on and I did like parts of the movie. However, I found the absurd fashion of the series was toned down to appeal to the main street movie goer. I wanted more from this movie — as in content, not time.

In conclusion, if you’ve got the patience for slow moving movie, rent it. If you’re like me and like things that are good and to the point, don’t.


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