Doggie Loaf, Pumpkin Loaf

Sophie hasn’t been mentioned in a few posts, so I thought I would talk about HER food. Every 2 weeks I cook up a batch of Doggie Loaf for Sophie’s breakfast. The loaf is mostly comprised of ground buffalo, breadcrumbs and other essentials a dog needs. Here’s a picture fresh from the oven:

This week also had another loaf, of sorts — Pumpkin Lasagna! Sharon loves the taste of pumpkin, and this was a great showcase for the flavor. The sweet was paired with the slightly bitter bite of swiss chard and parmesean cheese. A toasted crust on top added a nice crunch:

I’d also like to show a great action shot from this week:

This was taken while Sharon was making one of my personal favorites of hers — Greek shrimp. The flambéd shrimp are then added to a spicy tomato sauce with Feta cheese. It can be served over pasta, or by itself. I just love the heat of the dish with the shrimp packed with flavor.


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