The Cloisters, NYC

The Cloisters, NYC

Today was a beautiful fall day outside, so I decided to throw out the idea of heading uptown to The Cloisters to Sharon. She agreed it was a much better use of the weekend than staying inside and doing chores, so we grabbed the A train and headed up to 190th street!

After taking the shuttle bus from the subway to the entrance of Fort Tyron park, we were ready to be wowed. And wowed we were — with breathtaking views of the Hudson river:

After winding our way through the park, we arrived at a castle-like building that is The Cloisters. We went inside and made our way through Medieval artifact after stained-glass window after flying-buttress.

I really enjoyed the manuscripts on display. It’s incredible to me the penmanship from back then, as well as the composition of pages. Sharon enjoyed the wood-working, which was everywhere from floors to ceilings to doors:

A perfect autumn Sunday field-trip.


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