Shake Shack, Madison Square Park NYC

Shake shack is a New York City institution. Famed restauranteur Danny Meyer started the shop as an art installation in 2002 and grew it to a wildly-successful, outside-eatery phenomenon. The experience starts with a line — since the kitchen is small, there is often anywhere a wait from 20 minutes to over an hour.

While in line, you are able to read fun facts about the shack, work up your appetite, and decide on your order. We decided to go with the traditional Shack burgers, Cheese fries and a shake each. Sharon got the Shack Attack shake with chocolate ice cream, sprinkles, chunks of chocolate and brownie dough. I got the Hopscotch with caramel, chocolate chunks and toffee.

When you finally get through the line and order, you are rewarded with a remote buzzer and a receipt. We picked our table near the outer trees and waited patiently. About 10 minutes later we were alerted to get our order and proceeded to scarf the deliciousness.

The burgers are always cooked perfectly, and the crinkly fries are salty and yummy. Even though a visit requires us to walk all the way home and go to the gym for the next few days, it’s absolutely worth it!

I’d also like to mention how the Shake Shack corporate identity was recently updated (along with the news of a second shack opening soon!) by across-the-park design powerhouse Pentagram.

I think it’s very successful — it pays perfect homage to 50’s burger stands with a modern twist. And of course, the typography is excellent.

While it may be best to visit Shake Shack in the summer for the weather, it’s so good all year long.


One thought on “Shake Shack, Madison Square Park NYC

  1. Shake Shack! I think I’ve been lucky the couple times I’ve eaten there (with you, of course) the line has been minimal. Yum!

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