The Doughnut Plant, Lower East Side NYC

One of the best places to get a Sunday breakfast downtown is The Doughnut Plant on Grand Street. Started by Mark Israel, inspired from his grandfather, the tiny shop has been booming with business ever since it opened its doors in 2000.

Mark has been on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown, in Ugly Betty, and mentioned in dozens of magazines for good reason — his doughnuts are fantastic. The signature Trés Leches cake doughnut is moist, sweet-cream-filled, and glazed. The Blackout is a chocolate based cake doughnut filled with chocolate syrup, has a chocolate glaze and is covered with chocolate sprinkles.

What’s also great is how The Doughnut Plant uses seasonal ingredients:

This was an apple cinnamon doughnut, perfect with apples being in season right now. We also tried the 2 kinds of Pumpkin doughnut — yeast-based and cake-based. Both doughnuts combined the fruit with the fried treat perfectly. Always needing a walk after so many doughnuts, we headed home full and satisfied!


4 thoughts on “The Doughnut Plant, Lower East Side NYC

  1. so..not too long ago, i realized that i had yet to find a killer donut shop since my move to nyc. i did the research, got the girfriend in on the adventure and trekked off to the place being lauded as a treasure trove of tastiness – the donut plant.

    we finally found it. and were faced with two choices, glazed or plain. i believe there were four donuts left in the entire plant. we ordered a coupla glazed and drown our sorrows in cold coffee.

    i’m sure this place is amazing. we just got there after it was ravaged. my advice – arrive early!

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