Chanel Mobile Art, Central Park NYC

This morning a few co-workers and I went on an inspirational trip to the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit in Central Park, NYC. I was a bit disappointed with the overall experience. There seemed to be a lack of organization with stand-by and pre-ticketed visitors as well as too many Chanel clad workers in the kitchen who did not know what they were to do.

Once we were finally let in (1 hour after we showed up), we were given a head set (with fresh ear covers of course!) and a player set to any language I preferred. I asked for English but was lucky enough to receive Koren for two minutes before one of the exhibit workers changed my ‘station’. Once I had the correct language, I was told to “let myself go as this is a musical journey”. This meant that I was to take instructions from a raspy French voice that told me when to get up, sit, stand, turn left, turn right and enjoy.

I was told to enjoy some of the pieces for upwards of 5 minutes and for all but about three pieces, 5 minutes was too much time. One piece that stick out was a Paris neighborhood street scene that was only seen by a reflection on a ‘river’ running though it. It was beautifully put together and quite mesmerizing. Each building window had activity happening inside (via video) which made me want to stay and investigate. But the voice kept on — “Turn left and walk through the doors…”. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in the exhibit and, as previously stated, there were many workers there making sure the rules were followed so I have no photos of that piece to share.

As for the actual structure that housed the exhibit — a Contemporary Art Container by Zaha Hadid — although interesting from the outside, it didn’t relate to the actual exhibit inside.  The most interesting part of the exhibit was the mirrored building will house the VIP party.  It blending into the scenery so well, I didn’t even realize at first glance. The mirror reflects the wind blown trees creating a beautiful, serene world…

I would recommend that anyone wishing to see the exhibit log onto the Chanel Mobile Art website early (8:00 am) and grab timed tickets. Otherwise you will end up in the standby line which could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour to go through.


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