Just Another Monday in NY

While living in NYC has its positives (a Sukkah moblie whenever you need one, amazing music and art), it also has negatives. For instance: the person who gets on the subway and makes a beeline for the unoccupied seat next to you that a child wouldn’t even fit in and proceeds to smoosh you into half the size you are until you finally just *pop* out and decide to stand while they fall asleep. Or the smells. NYC has varying smells depending on where you go — some good (chestnuts during the Holidays), some bad (TRASH, everywhere).

Another negative (although some could say positive) is the use of elevators. We here in NY build up as there is nowhere else to go, hence, a need for elevators. The unfortunate thing about elevators is that they do get stuck from time to time. And I was unfortunate enough to have gotten stuck on one today for 45 minutes at work. Not only was I stuck, but before getting stuck we dropped suddenly and quickly 1 1/2 floors. To make matters worse, I was in the confined space with the end of the days trash. Yes — this all happened when I was on my way out of work, at the second to last floor before the exit.

Ohh NY. It is hard to live here; you have to have thick skin. Good thing the positives heavily outweigh the negatives.


2 thoughts on “Just Another Monday in NY

  1. holy crap! and i’m not just saying that because you almost died on Monday, but also because your page generated a “possibly related post” as Pregnancy List. eh?

  2. Scary!!! It’s really horrible to get stuck in elevators. Stupid elevators, why don’t you work all the time!

    On an unrelated note, how did you pick the little pictures that pop up next to your comments? Did you design them all?

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