Rained Out Weekend

We had plenty of fun things lined up for this weekend, but our plans fell through when Saturday turned out to be nasty outside. First up was a visit to the Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY for Legend Weekend Nights. This would have been a great way to get ready for Halloween — which is on a Friday this year!

Next was a performance at Studio B in Brooklyn from one of my favorite DJs, Tiga from Montréal. Tiga rarely visits the states, and hasn’t been to NYC in a few years. Hopefully he will be back this winter supporting his in-the-works album being produced by Soulwax.

Disappointed from the rain, Sharon and I went to our local 24-hour deli, Jubilee Marketplace. We went shopping in the cookie aisle and recognized someone from TV — Clay Aiken. We overheard he was looking for peanut butter Oreos, but it was definitely strange seeing him late-night in the Financial District!

The weather didn’t affect our week of great meals, however. Early in the week we had pasta fagioli, a medley of beans, garlic and elbow macaroni. Next was Spanish rice and beans, which was a hearty tomato sauce with black beans, parsley and pepper jack cheese over white rice. To round out the week, we enjoyed a piece of newly-stocked Keta Salmon from Whole foods. Prepared with a soy-sauce glaze and paired with French lentils with onions, carrots and bacon, the meal was perfect.


3 thoughts on “Rained Out Weekend

  1. you guys are so food-nerdy.
    can’t just have “spaghetti,” can you – noooooooo, it has to be “pasta figoli” with a “medley” of sorts.

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