Happy Halloween 2008, NYC

Happy Halloween! This year was especially fun, as I got to wear my costume to work. We had a costume contest, so I sported my Zombie outfit on the Subway. While I didn’t see many costumes on the way, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the office — most of my co-workers were dressed up. There was a pirate, an 80s rocker, Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Wayne from Wayne’s World, a giant hamburger, a bottle of ketchup, and a few others.

Sharon met me after work and we got her in Zombie attire:

Ready to head out, we went to Rewind in the Lower East Side. We fit right in, everyone was out and dressed to party. We saw a lot of kitten and devil costumes, as expected, but there were also some great standouts like a 6 pack of Stella Artois!

We hung out at Rewind until late and headed home only to have one more great find for the night — Waldo!


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