Autumn Recipes (Part 3)

A week of hearty meals at home brings another installment of Autumn Recipes. It’s getting cold quickly here in NYC, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Winter Recipes were coming soon — Winter’s coming!

First up was Yellow squash soup with homemade sweet corn raviolis:

Sharon is quickly becoming a master pasta maker, and these savory whole-wheat raviolis not only looked great, but accompanied the sweet soup perfectly.

Next is another favorite of mine — hearty smoked sausages in beer with cabbage. Sharon’s twist on the traditional dish is using 2-bite-sized mini-sausages that add a slight heat to the dish. A side of special mashed potatoes called colcannon, a traditional Irish food.

Last was a homemade macaroni & cheese! Made with Gruyère cheese and layers of pasta, my favorite part was the crispy, gooey top. Hearty and full of spices, the baked treat lasted several days — maybe I can sneak some bacon in next time!


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