Bouchon Bakery, Columbus Circle NYC


After walking around a bit this afternoon, Joel and I decided to head to Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery for lunch. The line was long, as expected, but it moved fairly quickly. Also, as expected, there were no available tables for us to sit at so we headed back outside to enjoy our meal on a bench in Central Park.

We decided to split one of the huge ham and cheese sandwiches. It was one of the best ham and cheese’s I’ve had aside from in Paris. The baquette was the perfect softness and still had a bit of crunch. Topping the baguette was a slathering of butter, Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese and about 10 layers of delicious, perfectly salty ham.

Now, Bouchon being a French restaurant and bakery, we couldn’t help but order some pastries. I went with a seasonal Pumpkin Macaron and Joel with the Nutter Butter. The Macaron was fresh and delicious, but Joel’s Nutter Butter was amazing. Silky smooth salty peanut butter filling was smooshed in between two gigantic peanut butter oatmeal cookies that crumbled in your mouth.

Aside from the ham and cheese sandwich, Bouchon Bakery has soups, other sandwiches, salads, muffins, etc. The coffee is fresh and strong. The staff is pleasant. The only problem I had with Bouchon is the lack of adequite seating for the amount of guests they serve. To avoid standing around with your lunch and hovering over other guests while they eat, I’d suggest taking the meal outside to the park or trying the full service restaurant by the same name located within 20 feet of the take out cafe. If not for the ham and cheese — go for the pastries, you won’t be disappointed!


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