Holiday Windows, New York City 2008

Another Holiday season is heading towards us — and as someone working in the visual field, I tend to take notice of the show windows.

To start, Tiffany & Co. did a fabulous job on the windows this year. They are a “Modern Tiffany’s” if you will, with Plexiglas, resin, yule logs, special lighting effects and so on. My favorite is a take on sitting fireside in a log cabin: The floor is lined with moving candle flames and varying candelabras, while the back is a white wall of plaster logs complete with yule log DVD playing to keep you warm.


All of Tiffany’s windows are a modern twist on a classic theme. They are beautiful and playful. They even have twinkling stars, neon pine trees and my own photography!


Next, I noticed the Louis Vuitton windows, and building for that matter, at 57th and 5th Avenue. I have to admit I’m usually a fan of the work that Vuitton does on their windows (although they milk them for way too long — 3 months at a time) and this was no exception. They are captivating: mostly neon, a favorite prop of mine, with large scale vinyls covering the whole building. The neon consists of colorful and not too bright LV monograms. The vinyls themselves were really interesting in that they have a beaded reflective quality that, when hit by light, actually emulate the neon monograms in the windows.


Finally, as I look foward to them every year — I’m patiently awaiting the unvailing of Bergdorf Goodman’s Holiday windows. They are always a spectacular, over the top show and I can’t wait to see. If you are in the area, I recomend that you take a look at all four corners of 57th Street and 5th Avenue. The best of the best in the visual world are there and this year is no different.


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