The Leaves are Changing


Today was a beautiful day outside in midtown New York City. Sharon and I decided to go walk around 57th street and Central Park South — taking in what we could before the leaves were gone and it’s too cold for a nice walk.


First we stopped at the IBM Building Atrium, noticing the almost complete installation of a Dubuffet piece that looked like what was on Park Avenue in 2003 entitled Four Sculptures. The Atrium is always showcasing great works; last time we stopped by, Murakami’s Oval Buddha towered over us in all it’s shiny glory.

Next we worked our way over to Central Park, with some goodies from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery, and enjoyed a French picnic. After spending a little more time outside admiring the colors, Sharon and I headed home full and satisfied with our day out.


We had some equally colorful food this week at home: first was an Asian-spiced piece of Salmon over Basmati rice with coconut milk. Sharon created a spicy ginger soy dressing and added a perfect crust to the fish. The sweet coconut rice was just right with the salty Salmon.


Next was one of my favorites — Penne with sausage, basil and mustard sauce. There is a great, subtly-intense heat to this dish brought out with the spicy Italian sausage and red pepper flakes. The next night we had something just as spicy: chili! Ground beef and red kidney beans were combined in a savory broth and sprinkled with pepper jack cheese for extra kick.


This weekend was a barley and bean soup. The soup was peppered with bursts of sweet white corn and garlic — another fall winner, so hearty and delicious!



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