Austin, Texas — howdy pardners! (Day 1)


Sharon and I are in Austin, Texas this week before heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are here on official business — Sharon to install windows and work at the Tiffany & Co. here, while I get to know the city.

I had heard some things about the city; a vibrant music scene on 6th street, the setting of the annual SXSW Festival and the reputable Waterloo Records, plus excellent Tex-Mex food and outstanding BBQ joints. We arrived Sunday afternoon and checked-in to the Four Seasons Austin. The hotel was clean and modern and our room on the 9th floor had a great view of the Town Lake area of the Colorado River.


After dropping our things, Sharon needed to work so I tagged along to the flagship store of Whole Foods. The chain started in Austin, so I was curious what the company showcased as their hometown market. The place was huge, taking up an entire city block with several stations of prepared food ranging from mexican to new american. The layout was familiar, but the LCD pricetags on the shelves were a cool touch. I picked up some local treats and headed back.

When originally looking at maps of downtown Austin, I figured walking places would be no problem. However, when I put that theory in practice after Whole Foods, it was another story. The sidewalks were empty for almost the entire journey aside from a few bums asking for bus fare. I know no city will be as walk-friendly as New York, but where was everyone? Cars definitely seemed like the preferred method of transport around here.

Sharon and I headed to dinner and had a fantastic meal at Sago Modern Mexican. While walking around the square after eating, we noticed a sandwich store called Which Wich — and our interest was piqued when sandwiches were ordered by selecting a paper bag first, then filling it with condiments and sides. We also saw a Texas Christmas tree:


With no snow or cold temperatures, it was nice to see a hint of the holidays.


One thought on “Austin, Texas — howdy pardners! (Day 1)

  1. Dude, are they all wearing cowboy hats over there? I went to Nashville for my brother’s graduation and there were so many people with cowboy hats I kind of freaked out. Aren’t cowboy hats today just for people dressing up in cowboy costume and for girls at Coyote Ugly?

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