Sago Modern Mexican, Austin TX


While in Texas it is only right that you try some Tex Mex and BBQ. So for our first meal in Austin, Joel and I decided upon Sago Modern Mexican, as you can guess — a modern take on Tex Mex.

The restaurant itself was nicely decorated; it wasn’t your typical sombreros and Mexican tapestries hanging on the walls. Instead, most walls were painted a vibrant salmon color and the bar wall was covered in gold tiling. The walls were also capped by large slabs of wood in place of molding. The kitchen was open — it’s always nice to see where your food is actually being prepared.

Being that Tex Mex is a favorite of both Joel’s and mine, we did a bit of over ordering. We started with the Classic Queso: melted white cheese, perfectly browned on the top and serve in their house made hot corn tortillas. Along with the queso, we were served fresh, hot tortilla chips and two kinds of salsa — tomatillo and chiplotle.

For our entrées Joel and I split three: Beef Brisket Enchiladas, Grilled Fish Tacos and a Braised Pork Stuffed Poblano. The brisket enchiladas were delicious; the meat was moist and plentiful, the sauce was a deep, rich chocolate color and had the perfect level of spice. The fish tacos, made with red snapper (a favorite fish of mine) had a crispy jicama slaw that was both sweet and tangy. They were served on the house made corn tortillas which were soft and flavorful.  While all the entree’s were delicious, the pork stuffed poblano took the top prize. It was spicy from both the rich sauce as well as the poblano pepper. The pork was cooked to perfection, delicate enough to fall apart in your mouth. All entrees were served alongside beans and an amazingly sweet and flavorful cilantro honey rice.


The meal was great. A perfect mix of traditional Mexican with modern Texas flare.


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