Uchi Sushi, Austin TX


For our final dinner in Austin, Texas, we stepped a bit outside the comfort zone of Southern food and went for Japanese at Uchi. We arrived a bit earlier than our reservation and by the amount of people on a Tuesday night, we were happy to have made a reservation. The restaurant was very inviting, both the people and the decor made you feel right at home.

After sitting for a bit at the restaurant’s cozy bar, we were seated at a booth for two which was spacious enough for 4. Even though the restaurant was packed, our waiter came right way, took drink orders and was attentive from then on.


We decided to order the meal in parts as there was so much to try and the whole menu looked divine. Age Dofu, Spicy Tuna Roll and the Hamachi Cure were amongst our starters. The Hamachi Cure really stood out.  The tuna was so smooth and luxurious, it melted in your mouth. The accompanying yucca and Asian pear salad was the perfect companion.


Next came the wagyu roll which tasted so deliciously smoky and was so delicate. Also up was our order of tekka and the salty edamame. The tuna at Uchi was of top quality; it was not fishy, but soft and delectable.  The service was attentive and easy. This was definitly the right way to end our Texas visit — with Japan!


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