Thanksgiving in Chicago 2008


While Sharon was in Atlanta, I got to visit with my family in Chicago. It was great seeing my parents, sister, aunt and uncle, cousins, grandparents and everyone else! It was a fun weekend and I ended up eating WAAAAYYY too much (as expected). First was an amazing Thanksgiving spread from my aunt, mom, cousin’s wife and extended family. The highlight for me was the delicious sweet potatoes, complete with mini-marshmallows.


Over the weekend, my immediate family had a Jewish brunch with my grandmother — consisting of several smoked fishes, bagels from New York Bagels & Bialys, cream cheese spreads and tuna fish salad. Who can pass up a delicious toasted bagel with lox?


Also worth mentioning was 2 pies from Lou Malnati’s — fantastic Chicago pizza. The deep dish pepperoni with mushroom was gooey and perfect.


One thought on “Thanksgiving in Chicago 2008

  1. The growing blog is very cool.
    The Thanksgiving turkey dinner was tops and everyone was so happy to see you. I saw you sneak a drumstick for the ride home. The Jewish brunch was very good and Bubbi was smiling with her grand children there. Lou Malnati’s, deep-dish fantastic Chicago pizza, was the best and was preferred. The thin crust pizza was ok. I saw you sneak a piece of pizza into your coat pocket for the journey home. You should have wrapped it first for a safe journey. Hope you shared that piece.

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