Thanksgiving in Atlanta 2008


While Joel was bearing the cold in Chicago, I headed south to my family’s home in Atlanta. While it wasn’t freezing, we had the fireplace roaring and the kitchen smelling of the Holidays.

I arrived mid-afternoon on Thanksgiving to my mother cooking her amazing food. As I am her sous-chef, I got right to helping. For Thanksgiving, we went with the traditional items such as sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, spinach and turkey, but we put our own culinary twist on them all. To start, in the south we don’t cook our turkey in the oven, we fry them. And if you haven’t tried it, you must — the turkey actually comes out moist with a tasty fried crust. Also, it is something that the boys can do outside while everything else gets going inside.

For the rest of the meal, my mother put her culinary magic into the food and created: a cheesy spinach gratin with a perfectly golden crust, a crispy frisée salad with pomegranate dressing and spicy pecans, an amazing cranberry sauce with whole, fresh cranberries and other fruits as well as sweet potatoes with orange, cinnamon, cream and singed marshmallows. It was a meal to remember indeed!

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner, my closest friends from home head over to our house for our annual game of drunken Taboo. I HIGHLY recommend that if you have a large amount of friends over and there is alcohol involved, break out Taboo. You’ll never stop laughing, guaranteed.

A few days of leftovers later, we made the decision to go out for dinner to the newly opened Atlanta version of Jean-George Vongerichten’s Spice Market. A review will soon follow but I’ll say now that the meal was sub-par and far from what I’d imagine Jean-George thinks is acceptable — especially if his name is to be associated with it.


After a great weekend with the family, I headed to the airport only to find out that my flight had been canceled due to “no reason whatsoever”. To say the least, I was mad, and I couldn’t get another flight out until the next day. All of that was angering, but what really did it was that Joel was leaving from Chicago and his plane left AND made it to NY that same day. That’s right, a plane from gloomy, snowed out and icy Chicago made it into NY but the filght from beautiful, sunny and warm Atlanta was canceled. Go figure.

That just meant another day at home, with a fireplace and my mother’s cooking. I guess it wasn’t toooo bad.


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