Meet The Parents and Birthday Celebrations


This past weekend was a very busy one for Joel and I — both of our parents flew in to NY for the weekend to meet for the first time! And, YES, it went really well. While everyone was here, we had many meals out.

First, we headed to an old stand-by with Joel’s parents, Salud!, for a casual meal. They are a tapas joint with a good Cuban sandwich and mango martinis. All were satisfied with the surprisingly filling meal of yucca chips, authentic black beans and rice, shrimp and steak kebabs and of course — Cuban sandwiches.

For the official ‘meet the parents’ dinner, Joel and I went with Eleven Madison Park. Since we had such an amazing meal and nice evening there the last time, we felt it was perfect for such an important occasion. And once again we had amazing, entertaining and attentive service. The food was just as great as the previous time and it was just right for such a big event. I’d recommend that any special occasion take place there!

Finally, for my birthday celebration, Joel and I went with my parents to Babbo, Mario Batali’s first restaurant. The review will follow shortly but I’ll say now that it was a great, authentic Italian meal and the atmosphere was just right with Holiday music in the background and a beautiful, festive tree in the center of the room. Aside from the food, a major highlight for me was seeing Eli Manning and Archie Manning at the table beside us with their family. All that was missing was my favorite Manning — Peyton (the hilarious one).

We had a great weekend filled with food and our families and I had a great birthday. One step closer to 30! yay…


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