Rosetta Holiday Party Weekend 2008


Friday night Sharon and I attended the annual holiday party hosted by my employer, Rosetta. The event was hosted this year in New York, rather than Princeton NJ, at rooftop-lounge 230 Fifth — just north of Madison Square Park. It was a great evening spent with co-workers, friends, and a often-visited open bar surrounded by sweeping views of midtown Manhattan. The night ended up being a late one with a secondary stop at Dewey’s Flatiron, right down the street.

Not feeling well on Saturday, we managed to step outside once for Sophie… only to see Santas everywhere —


It looked like Santacon was upon us, but we didn’t stay out too long to see how many suits we could count.

Sunday we were feeling much better. Steelers football was on and Sharon was in a baking mood. Goat cheese tarts, peanut butter-cocoa cookies and “Doughnut Muffins” filled the kitchen counters.


Everything was so delicious and the afternoon was made even sweeter with a Steelers victory!


7 thoughts on “Rosetta Holiday Party Weekend 2008

  1. This is like when those kids with $5 clothing budgets manage to pull together an outfit better than yours to remind you of what a fashion mediocrity you are… This is the food version.

  2. Sharon,
    a delightful delicacy. I ate more than any these other scrubs combined…because i’m selfish like that. But also because i know goodness when i taste it. Thanks for the confection perfection.

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