The World of Coke, Atlanta GA


While visiting Atlanta over Christmas this year, Sharon and I decided to visit The World of Coke. The Coca-Cola company is an Atlanta institution and The World of Coke is a monument to the brand — complete with a recent, eco-friendly renovation to the building.

After waiting through the impossibly long security line, we entered into a hall of worldly Coca-Cola memorabilia from the ages. I particularly enjoyed seeing the brand develop from a small time stomach-remedy to a national, and then international presence. There was even a tribute to the original script-type:


The exhibits were all well-designed and very interactive, almost to a fault. With large crowds it was hard to spend more than a few seconds at one of the many touch-screens, even though I wanted to engage further. We then made our way through the real-time bottling plant demo up to the 4D Coke experience. Complete with 3D glasses and water squirts, the movie rocked our chairs and was highly entertaining.

The last room was our favorite — stations with Coca-Cola drinks from around the world, divided by continent or region. It was interesting to see that Africa like less-carbonated, less-sweet drinks:


while Latin America really enjoyed citrus flavors:


Our least favorite and highest-rated sodas were both from Europe — Fanta Pineapple from Greece was the clear winner, while Beverly (ugh!) from Italy was like drinking sour yogurt water:


We had a lot of fun sampling everything and grabbed the seasonal Coke on our way out — clear Peppermint Coke. With our souvenir bottle in hand we left the building and had a sugar buzz all the way home.


One thought on “The World of Coke, Atlanta GA

  1. Clear pepperment Coke?! That sounds interesting. Remember Crystal Pepsi? I’ll always chuckle at the SNL parody Crystal Gravy…. So funny!

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