Flip Burger Boutique, Atlanta GA


The hardest thing for me about watching Bravo’s Top Chef is seeing the food created and not getting to try or smell it. When I heard that Top Chef runner-up Richard Blais had opened Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta, I was eager to visit. Lucky for me, my family lives in Atlanta — so while visiting for the Holidays, Joel, the family and I took a trip to Flip.

Since we had a large party of 7, I expected a long wait without a reservation. To kill time, we had a few local Sweetwater 420 beers on the outdoor patio in front of the restaurant. We also spotted 2 celebs — the Top Chef contestant and owner himself Richard Blais, plus SNL alum and Atlanta native, Kenan Thompson.


The menu contained such oddities as a Krispy Kreme Shake (made with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and liquid nitrogen for coolness) and a Smoked Caesar Salad. For burgers, we had to choices like the Southern: a country-fried burger, pimento cheese and green tomato ketchup or the Corned Beef: a ‘corned’ beef patty with buttered cabbage and beer mustard.


Half of us (myself included) went for the Southern. It was cooked very well and the pimento cheese complemented the fried burger patty and gave it that perfect southern touch. The other half of the table went for the Corned Beef, the Po Boyger (a shrimp based patty, which got a thumbs up from my sister), and the Bacon & Cheese, Joel’s choice.

For sides, we tried most of them — Pickled Vegetables, Vodka Battered Onion Rings (my favorite), French Fries (I found them to be way too greasy), and of course the Smoked Caesar (it tasted great and smokey, minus the hair found in it half way through eating).


Now, as for the actual restaurant and service — we were sat down in two 4 tops, next to each other with the same server who took one table’s full order well before he took the other table’s. Needless to say, half of us were missing food while the other half received theirs.

While waiting for the final meal to complete our order, we called the 30-something manager over to our table to ask what was happening with the kitchen and our food. The burger magically appeared seconds later and we were told in a weird whisper by the manager “Sorry your food was late”.

Although the staff and service is a bit off, the burgers were creative and tasty — however, not tasty enough for me to go back.


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