Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009! Sharon and I had a pretty low-key New Year’s Eve this year — I was sick pretty much all week long. Sharon decided to cook a gourmet meal to accompany the discussion we had recapping and reminiscing about 2008.


We dined on a mustard-crusted Salmon over roasted red onions and grape tomatoes. On the sides were a savory orzo risotto and wild arugula salad with Asiago cheese. We talked about all the great things and places we visited in the past year and made new travel plans for 2009!

After dinner, we watched the Carson Daly broadcast from Times Square — it looked cold! Deciding it was ok to travel outside around the stroke of midnight, we headed down to Trinity Church to hear the bells and then to Battery Park for fireworks.


We could hardly feel our faces or fingers when we returned inside — and we were only out for 15 minutes, max!

Recapping the ball drop on our DVR, we watched and rang in the new year with some champagne. Sophie also celebrated, quietly from the warm nest on her chair:



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