Winter Sweets


With every winter storm, it is important to stock up on fried foods and sweets — and Joel and I made sure to have plenty of both for this one. We started out with a Chocolate Fondant from Beard Papa’s.  Although Beard Papa’s is known more for their delectable cream puffs (so amazing by the way), Joel has been telling me about the allure of the Chocolate Fondant which is harder to find at both locations: Broadway and Greenwich Village. It turns out that the hunt is worth it: a soft chocolate cake filled with a smooth, silky, warm chocolate filling hits the treat spot!


This week, a co-worker of Joel’s, Mr. David Tristman, was kind enough to share his Snickers Selection Box with the office. Joel knows my love for candy and brought his picks home to share. They included a  Mars Delight — a bar of flaky, chocolate filled goodness and an original Mars bar — my absolute favorite candy bar and British treat.


Since there is always room for more desert and we were inspired by the English delicacy’s that Joel had brought home the other day, we decided to make a stop at Tea and Sympathy. Tea and Sympathy is a restaurant as well as a shop selling only treats from across the pond. Some of our picks included a bag of “Shrimp and Banana’s” — which really tasted like Circus Peanuts, Revels — a pack of varying mini chocolate filled bits and of course a few Mars bars.

It appears as though we are ready for the storm!


One thought on “Winter Sweets

  1. CANDY! Is a Mars Bar really your favorite candy bar? I think there should be a candy named Avacados and Livers. Delicious!

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