Gift From the South


Now that January is gone — I can totally talk about her!

This January not only brought the cold weather, but a little gift from the South that I like to call family. My sister, Jessica, and her boyfriend Ryan came to frigid NYC to escape the nice weather. It was a busy weekend, which was a nice change.

To start, being half Chinese, Ryan wanted to visit Chinatown and try NYC’s dim sum. I was given the task of finding a place that was both good and clean — I came up with Dim Sum Go Go. It was definitely the correct choice: the dim sum was good, hot and quick, well, with the exception of my shark fin soup dumpling (see full restaurant review for the eerie details of that one). After dim sum, we wondered the streets of Chinatown, experiencing many different smells (most of which I have to say were terrible) and found ourselves at, of all things, a Japanese candy store. Fully stocked up on Mochi and other miscellaneous gummis, we headed to Little Italy, SoHo, the West Village, and finally commenced our day in the East Village’s Yuca Bar.

Yuca Bar, the most amazing East Village people watching spot, did not disappoint. We saw a fight between a drunk man and a biking woman, the same drunk man throw coffee at innocent bystanders, the same, yet again, drunk man get arrested and then another bystander, try to help him out while only leading to his own arrest. Ahhh, the East Village…

The rest of the weekend involved more eating and drinking. We began with a big favorite — The Stepfathers at Upright Citizens Brigade in Chelsea. UCB is one of the most hilarious, inexpensive ways to spend an evening in NYC, consisting of improv comedy in a basement-like setting with cheap beer.

Later on and for the rest of the weekend, we hit up some more favorites of Jessica’s — Motor City (packed with the whole state of NJ), St. Jerome’s (good music, smoke machine — always a plus), Arlene’s Grocery (shot and a beer!), Pala Pizza and The Libertine.

All in all an exciting, awesome weekend as it always is when Jessica comes to town — bringing the Dirty South!


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