Crumbs Bakery, Cheer-me-up NYC


Nothing does a better job of cheering me up than a big cupcake. Sharon was sweet and picked me up a treat from our favorite local treat shop — Crumbs Bakery. This one was a half-chocolate, half-peanut butter kind, but there are dozens of specialty cupcakes in the glass case. Two others we always enjoy are the Red Velvet and Fluffernutter cupcakes — so devilishly tasty!

There are several locations throughout NYC, so you can pick a pick-me-up pretty much anywhere in town.


One thought on “Crumbs Bakery, Cheer-me-up NYC

  1. ooooooooooooooooooooh, cupcakes.
    Question: any word of if Burgers and Cupcakes has been reincarnated? As much as I like Crumbs, B&C had their recipe down. Oh, and I think there is an organic bakery somewhere on 23rd , westish . . . when I get back I think I’ll have to do some icing research.

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