Ravenous Cafe and Lounge, Healdsburg CA


While in California, my parents like to frequent  Ravenous Cafe and Lounge, and with good reason — we like to join them. Ravenous, like many restaurants in California, loves their seasonal and local food. Every day brings a new menu, depending on what is available in the market. You know the food is fresh and prepared with heart in the clean, exposed kitchen.

As usual, we had a hard time choosing what to eat but settled upon several different meals. Joel ordered the classic BLT made with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and smoky bacon. Plated with a lightly dressed and crispy coleslaw, he was not disappointed. My father ordered the special of the day: a hearty spicy Moroccan red lentil soup which we all agreed made the bitter, rainy weather melt away as well as light and crispy crab cakes over a bead of fresh local greens.

My mom ordered the caprice salad which consisted of sweet roasted tomatoes, delicate mozzarella and a refreshing basil pesto. My meal was similar to my dad’s — two spicy chickpea cakes over a bed of local greens, smooth hummus and babaganoosh.

After leaving Ravenous, we certainly were no longer ravenous for food, just the wine we were on our way to taste…


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