Last Meal

There’s been  a lot of talk between Joel and I about what our last meal would be. It all began with one of our favorite shows, Top Chef, asking the contestants to cook the guests for that week (famous chefs and food writers) their last meal. Although the meals looked great, none would have been my choice. I did find it amusing that some of the meals were not really cohesive — a tell-tale that the items were simply just some of the guests favorite items put together on a plate.


With all that being said, and cohesiveness not being my style either — I finally came up with my favorite foods that would compose my last meal: My mother’s pot roast with horseradish mashed potatoes, a chunk of Toledo, Vella Dry Jack, Purple Haze goat cheese and last but not least — a side of home-cooked Jimtown’s mac and cheese. That’s right: plenty of cheese, starches and no desert! It’s funny, I’ve eaten all over the world at some of the best restaurants, but homemade meals are still my favorite. In the end, this was a hard decision and one I hopefully won’t have to make anytime soon! What would your last and ultimate meal be?


One thought on “Last Meal

  1. Fun question! I’m sorry I’m a month behind. I’ll work on catching up. I think my last meal would be Mom’s linguine and clam sauce, a slice of Edwardo’s pizza, and lots of Moose Tracks ice cream with warm brownies. MMMmmm.

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