Happy St. Patricks Day


Along with many many New Yorkers, I am of Irish decent (the red hair, blue eyes and freckles are a dead give away, I know). Lucky for me, I work on 5th Avenue and get to watch the NY St. Patty’s Day Parade from my office window. I’ve had the fortune of listening to bag pipes this morning and seeing tons of New Yorkers dressed in green with St.Patty’s day cheer.

Now being that I am of Irish decent, I’ve chosen to make an Irish themed meal consisting of Corned Beef, Colcannon and Irish Soda Bread. Joel will have a food review to follow, but in the mean time — Happy St. Patricks Day, today everyone is Irish!


One thought on “Happy St. Patricks Day

  1. faith and begorrah!..

    i’m a fellow irishman, (dual citizenship even) so it’s nice to see this post. i was feeling a wee bit under the weather this st. paddy’s day, so wasn’t able to pound a pint (or three) as in years past.

    but there’s always next year. and nothing beats st. paddy’s day in ny!

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