Spring walk in East Village


Snow on the first day of Spring was not to damper our late-March Saturday afternoon. Sharon and I decided to get up early and spend the day outside after the gym in the East Village. We headed north, first to Turntable Lab — and excellent DJ shop with a wide-range of equipment, gear and vinyl. After getting a demo of the Numark Omni Control, we were hungry and needed lunch.

Walking over to Crif Dogs on St. Marks was a perfect pick — we decided on Cheese Fries and a Chihuahua Hot Dog. The dog was wrapped in bacon, then fried, and covered in avocados and sour cream. So good! The fries were crispy, salty and delicious with a generous amount of orange cheese poured on top. We also noticed the corner entrance of PDT, a bar/destination we will be looking into soon.

Needing desert, we headed north to Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar (see Sharon’s Review) and had a handful of sweets. Full from the afternoon’s feast, we needed some exercise. Walking all the way home to Wall Street, we made a few stops on Broadway (Uniqlo) and Bowery (Green Depot). It’s always fun seeing the city neighborhoods and I can’t wait until its warm enough to spend every weekend outside!


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