700 Drayton, Savannah GA


I’m not a huge fan of Southern food (except for my healthy obsession with shrimp and grits) so it was hard to find a good place to eat on our trip to Savannah, GA this past weekend. Luckily for us, our hotel had a nice restaurant, 700 Drayton, serving American fare in a modern, yet Southern-style upscale setting. Even better — it was in he same building as our room when the tornado sirens and crazy rain showers began, so good food wasn’t to far away.

Along with Joel and I, we were joined by my family so a varied meal was on its way. We all ordered appetizers ranging from a Low Country Boil Soup (AMAZING),  to a Caesar salad which tasting like any other.


Our entrees came from every spectrum of the food chain. I chose the Georgia Wild Game Fish (halibut) with black beans and clams. My halibut came out as a huge steak which was understandably undercooked being that it was 3″ thick. That was quickly rectified — it was sent back, cooked fully, then unappealingly tossed back onto the same plate which was a bit disappointing.

Along with my halibut, we had at our table a Seafood Mixed Grill which consisted of swordfish, scallops and shrimp as well as buttery herb grits. Also at the table was a NY Strip Steak, Gulf Coast Grouper and Hand Harvested Carolina Scallops. Everyone was moderately pleased with the meal, wine list and service. If I ever head back to Savannah, I may stop in for the Low Country Boil Soup, but I could do without the rest.


One thought on “700 Drayton, Savannah GA

  1. Have you seen Down Home with the Neelys on the Food Network? Or some other shows I think have interesting takes on typically Southern food.

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