Weekend in Savannah, wedding + tornadoes


Sharon and I were invited to Savannah, Georgia to attend our friends wedding. I had never visited Savannah before, and was very excited to see such a historic, southern town. After braving a watery drive from Atlanta — and stopping at my first Cracker Barrel — we arrived 5 hours later. We enjoyed some great drinks while fending for our seats at Casimir’s Lounge, followed by our first dinner at 700 Drayton downstairs.

Sharon and I stayed the night at the historic East Bay Inn, but decided in the morning that the remainder of the trip would be spent at The Mansion — a beautiful boutique hotel across from Forsythe Park. We headed out to the wedding around 5PM, with only a light rain during the beautiful outdoors ceremony in Lafayette Square. After a horse and carriage took the bride and groom away, we met them at the reception house nearby for a fun night of food, drinking, speeches and dancing! Congratulations to the newlyweds!


On Saturday, we all walked around for a better look at Savannah. We wandered into several different squares and saw lots of interesting monuments. SCAD buildings were around every corner. After finding our way into the cemetery, air raid sirens started going off — tornadoes were coming! The sky quickly turned from blue to black and we headed hastily back to The Mansion.


Confined to our hotel for the evening while it poured outside, we had another meal with drinks at 700 Drayton. Sharon decided to cap the night off with 17 glasses of wine before heading back to the room to pack for our 8AM departure. What a wonderful weekend!


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