Williamsburg Adventure


With my photoshoot canceled and Sharon in Roswell for the weekend, I had a guys’ night out with some friends Friday night. We headed to Williamsburg in Brooklyn after work to the Brooklyn Brewery and their weekly happy hour. We all purchased a handful of cheap beer tokens and enjoyed the beers on tap. My favorite was the especially alcoholic (8%!) Coffee-infused brew. After about 4 or 5 we decided to take a break and head for some food to a “El Jefe” recommended Polish joint. Hardly able to order sides, I ended up with a platter of excellent Kielbasa and an assortment of greens. A shot glass of bacon ended up on the table somehow and Rob managed to polish it off before we headed out!


Good to go for a couple more rounds we stumbled to Gutter to enjoy more beer and some bowling. Since we needed to wait for a lane, a few more pitchers were consumed before strapping on our shoes. Game 1 was fairly low scoring, but Game 2 was even worse — But! nothing beats drunken bowling, it was so fun! I’m actually shocked we didn’t hit pins in the next lane over. Uncontent with our alcohol consumption to this point, we headed to Rosemary’s for a nightcap: A 32oz. Styrofoam cup of unmarked beer! I made it home safely somehow and enjoyed a late, late, late Saturday morning.



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