Quick visit to Roswell


After a nice visit to Savannah, I headed back down south the following weekend for a quick visit home. Although Joel couldn’t make it, I still had a great time with my family. As usual, days went something like this: sit outside on our deck, drink champagne with tapas, cook up new meals and eat them, watch movies and drink amazing wine. Sophie days went something like this: eat, sleep on the deck in the sun, eat, sleep, enjoy the warm weather on deck again, sleep, play with Ziggy, sleep.


My mother, being the awesome chef that she is, made foods like grilled marinated halibut, a grilled leg of lamb used in lamb shawarma and fresh homemade (!) pita. A good mother knows her daughter and my mom knows that when I’m home, all food goes on the grill! Luckily, there was leftover pita that I got to bring back to NY which Joel and I enjoyed fully for the next few days. I love to cook and Joel thinks I’m pretty good at it, but nothing is as good as mom’s cooking — where do you think I learned all of my tricks from?


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