Levain Bakery & Earthen Oven, Upper West Side NYC


This past weekend, Joel, his sister and I made our way up to the Upper West Side for . . . food of course! First up, a visit to our favorite Indian restaurant, Earthen Oven. Joel and I ordered our usuals of Alo Gobi which is perfectly spicy (it even made me cry a little bit) Garlic Nan (so light, fluffy and garlicky) and Lamb Chesma (fragrant of star anise, and tender). Beth ordered the Basil Chicken Tikka, which she found to be light, tender and full of basil flavor.  Never disappointed, we found the service to be attentive and the food served quickly, for being freshly made.


After dinner, we found ourselves hankering for something sweet. Where else to visit on the Upper West side for sweets other than Levain Bakery for a 1 pound cookie? We arrived close to 7, but the cookies were still hot as they continuously make them all day. We grabbed a chocolate peanut butter chip as well as a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Both were incredibly delicious, moist and gigantic.

Totally satisfyed we slowly made our way home to the couch which is where our full bellies found themselves for the rest of the night.


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