Chelsea Art Galleries, NYC


I like to take time out of my work day to wonder through the Art Galleries in Chelsea, NYC, for inspiration (hard life, eh?). Last week, I went through several galleries and picked up a few ideas. One of the more interesting pieces spotted was Telle mère tel fils by Adel Abdessemed. It consisted of three small airplanes which had been cut in half and put back together with large swaths of soft, cream felt. The felt “bodies”, as I’d call them, were intertwined throughout each other which created great movement and interest. The piece was so large, it took up a full garage space on the West Side. Upon further inspection, I noticed more works of Abdessemed’s inside the actual connecting gallery- David Zwirner. Some of the other pieces included a ball made of barbed wire as well as a full scale black clay mold of a car on its side. Although his pieces were intriguing, I wasn’t fully inspired so onward I went…


Next up, a visit to the Comme des Garçons store. I love the exterior of the building which is riddled with graffiti and stickers as well as a Pac Man ghost made of Rubik’s cubes. The entrance to the actual store is fantastic, as well — like stepping through a worm into a store which is more like a maze. I’ve never been particularly interested in the actual clothing but the store’s design is worth a visit.

I made my way through about four other galleries which included pieces of art ranging from glass mobiles to 3 foot high metal flowers growing up from the ground to a fantastic, thoughtfully-gratified mural. Aside from the galleries, I find the West Side to be inspiring on its own with so much activity. So, after an inspiring day out of the office, I made my way back to get some ideas down on paper.


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