Fish and Fire-breathers


Sharon and I decided to enjoy the unusually warm Friday night wandering around Madison Square Park. Hungry after a long day of work, we decided to surpass the extra long Shake Shack line at 9PM to our favorite BBQ joint — Blue Smoke. We enjoyed an excellent pitcher of their original ale, as well as a side of mac & cheese and pulled-pork platter. Sharon still had room so on our walk back home, she grabbed a Hopscotch shake from the B-line at the still-open Shack!


Saturday I was still full from dinner, but Sharon was inspired to make fish tacos before our friends’ birthday party that evening. Prepared with home-made guacamole and fresh cabbage and perch, the delicious envelopes burst with flavor. We ate slowly and enjoyed every bite! Later, we decided to stop by my friend Mike’s 35th party he had for his best friend in the LES:


He had a fantastic projection on the back wall by our friend Woody, lots of alcohol, a great crowd (and weather!), AND — a Fire-Breather! Spitting fire for about 30 minutes, the crowd watched with amazement. Sharon and I decided to wander outside after the performance only to watch 5 fire trucks pull up. Thankfully nothing was reported and we enjoyed the rest of the night.


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