Weekend treats


It appeared as though summer had shown up in NYC, and as all New Yorkers know, the beautiful weather surely won’t last — it’s snowed in May here! Therefore, everyone was out and about both Saturday and Sunday. Joel and I were no exception. Along with a trip to Battery City Park to lay out and soak up some sun, we ventured to several neighborhoods, treating ourselves along the way.

First up, although not an actual treat but more of an oddity, we saw what appeared to be a music video being filmed. Filming in NY is no rarity, but seeing a man dressed in a jacket and boots (on a 90 degree day) with blue and green paint all over his face, is.


Next up, a stop at my absolute favorite ice cream shop in NY — Sundaes and Cones. As soon as it gets even a little bit warm, I drag Joel up to the East Village for a huge cup of their grapefruit and watermelon sorbet. It is so refreshing and sweet. The perfect cool treat for a hot day!


As if a large cup of sorbet wasn’t enough, my sweet tooth craved another favorite treat — a doughnut from The Doughnut Plant. One of the fresh “doughnuts of the day” was a delicious and tart Strawberry Doughnut, which I quickly devoured. Along with the Strawberry, I grabbed a Creme Brulee and a Tres Leches — my favorite. Needless to say, Joel and I walked home from The Doughnut Plant and soaked up some more sun (maybe even a little too much). Upon our return home, we passed out from treat and sun overload!


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