Dogmatic, Union Square NYC


Since Saturday turned out to be a nice, sunny day, Joel and I made our way to Dogmatic — a “gourmet” sausage joint in Union Square. Sausages ranged from beef to turkey, and sauces from Cheddar Jalapeno to Truffled Gruyere: we definitely had a lot to think about. We both chose beef sausages with Chimichurri sauce on mine, and Horseradish Mustard sauce for Joel. The beef sausages were amazing — smoky and tasting of actual fresh beef. The horseradish mustard was so good and spicy it brought tears to our eyes.

Dogmatic’s sausages are much more unique than typical hot dogs: they are served on a baguette that is toasted on a stick on the grill, from the inside out, creating a perfectly crispy hot dog ‘bun’. Once the ‘bun’ is heated, the hot dog is inserted along with copious amounts of sauce.


Joel and I enjoyed our gourmet sausages so much, we went back from one more — a pork with Cheddar Jalapeno sauce.  The sausage itself was spiced and smoky and the Cheddar Jalapeno sauce was perfectly gooey and spicy. Aside from making the all natural and organic sausages, Dogmatic makes their own sodas which are equally tasty and refreshing.

I would highly recomend a trip to Dogmatic for some gourmet street food.


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