Williamsburg Adventure (Part 2)


After hearing about the Brooklyn Brewery, Sharon has really wanted to see the brewhouse for herself. So with the great weather, we headed back out to Brooklyn Friday night. We revisited the polish restaurant from last time, Raymund’s Place, to get something in our stomachs before a long night out. Sharon had fantastic pierogis, while I went again with the kielbasa.

Next, to the brewery, we met up with another one of Pete’s friends and had several glasses of the seasonal draughts. We traveled from there to another drinking hall — The Radegast Hall & Biergarten.


Truly a well-stocked establishment, complete with moustached paintings, it was hard to choose just one giant beer stein from the lengthy list! After Sharon finished off her drink, we decided to all head back to the city.

Next stop was Tile Bar on 1st ave, before heading to D.b.a a bit further south. D.b.a. is a favorite of ours and we enjoyed some whiskey before more beer from their fine selection. Continuing the crawl, Pete suggested Mama’s Bar on Avenue A — and we followed.


After a lousy pour of Guinness by a snarky bartender, more friends met up with us as we were exiting to go back for one more bar stop of the night. Deciding D.b.a. was acceptable, Sharon got one more beer for the road before we headed home — satisfied!


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