Little Boots, 5/18 (le) Poisson Rouge NYC


Ever since hearing about Little Boots last year, I have been collecting her tracks off blogs and other places I could find them online. I mentioned her in my March 2009 Playlist, and since then she has announced her album HANDS out this summer. I also was thrilled when she announced her one US tour date for the next 6 months — in New York!

We had never been to (le) Poisson Rouge before, so I wasn’t sure what size venue to expect. The line wasn’t too bad at 9:30 and we were ushered to the level below fairly quickly. After purchasing $4 (!) waters, we found our place to stand next to the stage. The performance area was in the middle of the crowd, almost a theater in the round. It actually made for a much more intimate show, and we were able to get right up front.


Heartsrevolution played first with a similar set we saw a couple months ago for the Ladyhawke show at Bowery. The drummer was again completely on point, belting out beats. When they ended, Dave P took the decks to provide a great interim build-up set for Little Boots. When setup was finished she took the stage and played several tracks I hadn’t heard, but made me excited for the album release. The first track, Earthquake, clearly would be an upcoming single.

Great performance in a great-sounding venue — Little Boots ended the set with Stuck on Repeat and the whole place danced.


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