Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen, Santa Fe NM


Anyone who knows me, knows that I obsess over Southwestern/Mexican food. What’s not to like? — cheese, tortillas, avocados, beans, rice, more cheese! So while in Santa Fe, Joel, his parents and I took a trip to a local favorite: Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen. First up, a heaping round of their house made guacamole.  It was delicious — the avocados were so fresh and creamy.


Deciding on what to order at a restaurant can take me a while, but not in Santa Fe. There isn’t an enchilada I won’t try. However, I do like to try as many cheese and bean filled things as possible so I went for Maria’s Combination Plate — a sampling of a blue corn tortilla cheese enchilada, a cheese filled tamale and chili relleno as well as a refried bean filled hard taco. Yes, it was a ton of food… and yes, I finished it all. Other selections from the table included Joel’s house made pork filled tamales, which were excellent and filling, as well as Joel’s father’s gigantic burrito which I’m sure not even a family of five could have finished.


Aside from the delcicious food, Maria’s has a huge selection of fantastic margaritas — Joel’s mom and I made sure to try a few. Our meals were so filling that both Joel and I fell into a food coma… only to awaken for more amazing Southwestern cheese filled meals.


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